Our research group focuses on the development of hybrid MEMS-IC devices for low-power wireless communication, microprocessor clocking, and sensor applications. In particular, we are working to harness the benefits of acoustic vibrations to enhance the performance of next-generation electron devices.

We are also pursuing the integration of such hybrid devices into CMOS and III-V MMIC-based systems, including low-power, narrow-bandwidth low noise amplifiers for transceivers and low phase-noise oscillator arrays for clock generation and temperature sensing in microprocessors.

Latest News

11.2014   Spin to present his work on a tapered Phononic Crystal design for dramatic reduction in SAW resonator size at MEMS'15 in Portugal in Jan 2015.

10.2014   Bichoy to present his work on a 1 GHz GaN-MMIC monolithically integrated MEMS-based oscillators at ISSCC'15 in San Francisco in Feb 2015.

9.2014   HybridMEMS welcomes its newest members, Tianyi Zeng and Matt Storey.

5.2014   Congratulations to Laura on her FCS'14 Best Paper Award!!

3.2014   HybridMEMS welcomes its newest member, Sophia Bhave, born 3/17/14. She is happy, healthy, and rambunctious.

3.2014   Spin and Laura will present two papers at Hilton Head 2014 in Hilton Head Island, SC, June 8-12, 2014.

3.2014   Laura and Bichoy will present two papers at IFCS 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan, May 19-22, 2014.

12.2013   Congratulations to Subra for completing his S.M.!

8.2013   Congratulations to Bethany for completing her M.Eng.! Bethany is joining Air Force Research Lab in Alburquerque, NM.

7.2013   Prof. Weinstein promoted to Associate Professor

5.2013   Congratulations to Steven for completing his S.M.! All the best to him in his Navy tour!

4.2013   Laura to present "2DEG Electrodes for Piezoelectric Transduction of AlGaN/GaN MEMS Resonators" at IFCS 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic, July 21-25, 2013.

2.2013   Prof. Weinstein will deliver an invited talk at the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium IFCS 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic.

2.2013   Laura to present "Switchable Piezoelectric Transduction in AlGaN/GaN MEMS Resonators" at Transducers 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, June 16-20, 2013.

2.2013   Wen-Chien to present "Fully Differential CMOS-MEMS Square-Plate Oxide Resonators with Embedded Poly-Silicon Electrodes" at Transducers 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, June 16-20, 2013.

12.2012   Wentao's work on Unreleased MEMS resonators is featured as a conference highlight at IEDM 2012.
This work presents the first unreleased MEMS resonator driven and sensed electrostatically with Deep Trench capacitors, with the highest Q of any Si unreleased MEMS resonator to date. A 3.3 GHz unreleased Si resonator is demonstrated with quality factor Q of over 2000 and motional impedance Rx of 1.2 kΩ.

9.2012   Prof. Weinstein recieves the Intel Early Career Award.

8.2012   Wentao to present his work on Deep Trench unreleased resonators at IEDM 2012:
"Deep Trench Capacitor Drive of a 3.3 GHz Unreleased Si MEMS Resonator," W. Wang, D. Weinstein

2.2012   Prof. Weinstein is granted the NSF CAREER Award. MIT EECS announcement.

2.2012   "Si-based unreleased hybrid MEMS-CMOS resonators in 32nm technology" presented by Radhika Marathe at MEMS'12 in Paris (Jan 29-Feb 2). This work presents the first hybrid RF MEMS-CMOS resonators demonstrated in Silicon at the transistor level of IBM’s 32nm SOI CMOS process, without the need for any post-processing or packaging. The unreleased, Si bulk acoustic resonators operating at 10-12 GHz are driven capacitively and sensed using a Field Effect Transistor (FET).

06.2011   FCS'11: "Acoustic Bragg reflectors for Q-enhancement of unreleased MEMS resonators," published on analysis and simulation for optimal design of bulk-mode unreleased resonators using acoustic Bragg reflectors (ABR) to confine vibrations. 1D and 2D ABRs are compared with phononic crystal performance for unreleased devices.

02.2011   Wentao Wang to present "Acoustic Bragg reflectors for Q-enhancement of unreleased MEMS resonators," at IEEE FCS 2011, San Francisco, CA, May 1-5, 2011.

01.2011   MEMS'11: "An unreleased mm-wave resonant body transistor" published on the demonstration of an unreleased Resonant Body Transistor operating at 39 GHz, surrounded on all sides by SiO2. An f.Q product of 5e12 is comparable to most released Si-based resonators at octaves lower frequency.

10.2010   Wentao Wang to present "An unreleased mm-wave resonant body transistor," at IEEE MEMS 2011, Cancun, Mexico, Jan. 23-27, 2011.

06.2010   "Acoustic Resonance in an Independent-Gate FinFET" presented at Hilton Head 2010. This device demonstrates 1st harmonic acoustic resonance at 37 GHz with a Q of 560 using a standard 2 port measurement.

04.2010   DARPA Young Faculty Award (YFA) for "Multi-GHz Acoustic Resonance in Transistors"

03.2010   "The Resonant Body Transistor" published in Nano Letters.